L4 camping exploits

Pernille Faye L4 writes: On the 25th and 26th September, L4 went on their annual camping trip to Royal Wootton Bassett in order to build new friendships and strengthen old ones.  Over two days, we canoed on the lake, solved tricky problems, built fires, toasted bananas and learnt new first aid skills. The most enjoyable activity was building a bridge out of wooden poles and rope and watching one our teachers, Miss Hartley, go across it.  Unfortunately, she did not fall off!  

Tent life was confusing because I shared with two people with the same name.  The atmosphere at night was far from serene; one of the Annas was lying on a bag of lost tent pegs and we ate far too many toffee éclairs.  To add to this, the portaloo door would not stop banging all night.  The teachers’ tents were enormous, with separate rooms and modern conveniences.  We were very jealous.  Overall, we had a fantastic experience and I wish we could go every year.

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