Junior scuba co-curricular

Junior divers had their first taste of a co-curricular scuba diving class this week with a taster session in the school pool with The Dive School from Winchester. 

Year 4 scuba divers  write: This week we were lucky enough to be in the first group of girls to try out the newest Junior School club – Scuba Diving. When we arrived at the pool we were given a mask, we had to suck through our nose to keep it on, at first it felt very strange but you soon got used to it. Next we had to put on some flippers, those felt like you were a chicken with huge feet! 

We then sat on poolside and one by one got in to the water to have our BCD (Buoyancy Control device) fitted. The air tank was very heavy on our back so it was lucky that we were in the water and you could just float around. When everyone was ready we learnt how to put our mouthpiece in and then it was finally time to go underwater. At first it felt very strange, we were a little claustrophobic, but you quickly got used to it and soon we were swimming around at the bottom of the pool. It was fantastic, we even got to swim through hoops on the bottom.

All too soon the session was over but we were pleased to be awarded our PADI ‘Bubble Maker’ stickers and certificates. We had so much fun, it was an amazing experience. We can wait to go diving again.