Junior school Breaking Ground Ceremony

We held our Breaking Ground Ceremony before the end of term; all of the children attended and the eldest child Alexandra Waldron and the youngest child Evie Toland helped Ms Gandee and me with the ceremonial digging of the first spadeful of earth for the building of the new school. It is very exciting to see the foundations beginning to give an outline of where the actual building will stand; where the new drive ends is where the entrance to the new school will be.

We plan to fully involve the children with the build and in the week beginning Monday 12th May we will have a Construction Week during which the children will have opportunities to work with the architect, the civil engineers, the quantity surveyors, the project managers and other specialists involved in the build which will give them an insight into how the building has been planned, how it is being constructed and how it will be fitted out. All of the children were photographed alongside the site and we will include these photos in a time capsule that we will bury in the foundations. These are exciting times. Thank you to the parents who attended the ceremony.