Junior Sports Day

St Swithun's Junior School enjoyed  beautifully sunny, if somewhat breezy weather, for sports day yesterday.

Nursery, Reception and Years 1 and 2 competed in the morning, followed by Years 3-6 in the afternoon. Congratulations to all competitors and thank you to all the parents for coming to watch and cheering the children for the inaugural sports day on the new school athletics facilities.

The following school records were broken:

Year 3 High Jump: Sofia Kavokin (Robins) with 98 centimetres;

Year 4 Shot Chest Push: Lula Goldring (Woodpeckers) with 6.94 metres;

Year 5 High Jump: Emilia Cox (Kingfishers) with 1.13 metres;

Year 6 Shot Putt: Lilla Hardman (Robins) with 10.92 metres.

In the inaugural Year 5 Wheelchair Slalom race a new record has been set by Zara Rochford (Robins) with a time of 18.53


Anastasia Lawrence was awarded the Sprinter’s Cup and the overall house results were:

1st Woodpeckers with 433 points

2nd Robins with 407 points

3rd Kingfishers with 394 points

4th Owls with 358 points

Well done, and thank you very much to the senior girls and all the staff for their help.