Junior Sports Day

Congratulations to the whole school for participating with so much energy and enthusiasm on sports day last week.  Nursery and pre-prep took part in a variety of races and potted sports in the morning, with the prep department running, throwing and jumping in the afternoon.  An incredible thirteen school records were broken:

Year 3 high jump: Mia Clark (Kingfishers) with 0.97 metres
Year 4 high jump: Melissa Trant (Robins) with 1.08 metres
Year 6 high jump: Jess Gordon (Kingfishers) and Tallulah Jeffes (Robins) with 1.20 metres
Year 4 hoop throw: Bea Watson (Kingfishers) with 17.25 metres
Year 6 discus: Quinn Carlyle-Scott (Owls) with 17.73 metres
Year 6 shot putt: Alice Calder with 10.69 metres
Year 3 50m: Anna Morley (Woodpeckers) in 9.25 seconds
Year 4 50m: Natasha Pillai (Woodpeckers) in 8.30 seconds
Year 3 100m: Olivia Busher (Kingfishers) in 17.18 seconds
Year 4 100m: Natasha Pillai (Woodpeckers) in 16.41 seconds
Year 5 100m: Anastasia Lawrence (Robins) in 15.69 seconds
Year 5 200m: Anastasia Lawrence (Robins) in 32.45 seconds
Year 4  4 x 100m relay: Iona Morley, Sianna Barling, Daisy Elkington and Natasha Pillai (Woodpeckers) in 1 minute 13.56 seconds
Years 3-6 squadron relay: Olivia Busher, Isabella Alexander, Sabrina White and Lucy Herring (Kingfishers) in 1 minute 11.45 seconds.

Jess Gordon (Kingfishers) equalled the Year 6 javelin school record with 16 metres.

Freya Green was awarded the sprinter’s cup and the overall house results were:

1st           Kingfishers                           with 418 points  
2nd          Woodpeckers                       with 398 points
3rd           Robins
4th           Owls

Well done and thank you very much to the senior girls and all the staff who helped on sports day.