Junior KS2 general knowledge quiz

On Wednesday 26 February two St Swithun’s Junior School quiz teams headed to Portsmouth Grammar Junior School to compete in the area heats of the ‘The National Key Stage 2 General Knowledge Quiz Championships.’

Each team consisted of one member from each year group from Years 3 – 6, and the girls had been selected through team selection quizzes held earlier in the year. The girls had worked hard in their lunch time practice sessions, swatting up on their general knowledge facts and learning the various voting tactics involved.

The quiz lasted for one hour and comprised of 40 multiple choice general knowledge questions covering a wide range of subjects and difficulty levels, with all team members being able to confer on and play every question. Points were to be awarded for correct answers, but not deducted for incorrect answers. As well as general knowledge facts, the questions also included pictures, music and audio clips.

Questions ranged from ‘What is the name of the waterway that links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?’ to ‘What was the name of the first man to fly across the English Channel?’ The quiz master made the event a tense and exciting affair; often the spectators at the back were stumped by some of the questions! However, Sherborne House were soon way out in front, with PGS battling it out between themselves for 2nd and 3rd place. 

The quiz came to a close with St Swithun’s 2 in 5th place and St Swithun’s 1 in 6th place; a very respectable result  given the difficultly of the questions and the stiff competition.

Well done to the girls who took part:

St Swithun’s 1 – Charlotte Voyce, Emilia Cox, Daisy Gates and Clemmie Kennett.

St Swithun’s 2 – Sophie Dunlop, Iona Morley, Maariyah Mahmood and Grace Burilson