Junior French Day

On Junior French Day the school was a sea of colour: bleu, blanc, rouge. There were customised tee-shirts and strings of onions as well as French poodles and costumes supported by props such as real baguettes. It was a delight to see how much effort had been made.

In assembly, we watched a section of an episode of Peppa Pig (unfortunately not Peppa le Cochon) and Dora l’ Exploratrice in French. We discussed how the images and animation help you to follow, even if you do not understand all the words. This is also what happens when we go on holiday to France, or indeed any other foreign destination where English is not widely spoken. We listen for cognates (words which sound familiar because they look and mean the same thing as a word we already know), we interpret gestures and we look for other visual clues.

At break time, fuelled by a mid-morning snack of croissant or pain au chocolat, the building was a hive of activity as the girls all searched for French vocabulary cunningly hidden in certain rooms around the school. The search continued throughout the lunch break and many carefully completed sheets were submitted by the end of the day. Shiny, sparkly French themed stickers were awarded at the end of the day and prizes for the best treasure hunt entries were given out in celebration assembly.