IAPS U11 Sailing Championships

Two junior girls competed in the recent IAPS U11 Sailing Championships at the National Sailing Academy in Weymouth.  This was the first time that St Swithun's had entered the event, competing as one of over 50 boats taking part from all over the country.

After the formalities of registering, listening to the race rules, memorising the course and the many instructional flags and their meanings Jemima and Olivia headed off to the changing rooms to be kitted out in their numerous layers and ready to brave the ever deteriorating weather conditions.

With the wind gusting at up to 40mph eventually the racing flag went up and everyone attempted to get on to the water. Unfortunately the girls’ capsized  just as the race started but they recovered quickly and despite the extremely strong winds and rough seas, they were one of only 20 boats to complete the course from the initial 50 registered.

With the ever deteriorating weather and increasing winds the remaining four races were cancelled and it was decided that afternoon would be filled with fun 'sprint' races, within the harbour walls.
After lunch the eagerly anticipated results came in. The St Swithun’s Junior team of Jemima and Olivia had come in a highly respectable 12th place; ahead of some much larger schools with far more sailing experience.

Congratulations to Pilgrims’ boys school team from Winchester for coming 3rd. A fantastic 'Team Winchester' effort all round!

Olivia and Jemima took to the water again for the afternoon races and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They both learnt a huge amount from the day and will undoubtedly be back for more.