History of Art

History of art is concerned with how visual communication acts as both carrier and producer of meaning within society. By studying painting, sculpture and architecture, both in class and by means of visits to major art galleries and exhibitions, students will be encouraged to engage critically with challenging ideas and concepts within art. 

The AS syllabus offers a broad introduction to the development of western art from classical to modern times with emphasis on critical analysis and the study of significant art historical themes such as gender, politics and religion. 

The A2 syllabus allows for specialised study in two periods, namely 16th century European art and 19th century European art. Knowledge and understanding of specific works is required along with an understanding of the context in which they appear.

Students find this subject intellectually stimulating and extremely enjoyable. Engagement with a painting, statue or building can lead to a wealth of cultural, social, philosophical or psychological exploration. The study of history of art also opens the way to a lifetime of pleasurable and meaningful gallery and museum visits and opens the students eyes to the visual world around them.