Historical talk by John Wilcox

Eve Gatenby L6 writes: In May local author John Wilcox came to speak in Harvey Hall about The Perils and Pleasures of Writing Historical Fiction. Not only did the talk cover the pitfalls of creative writing and how to avoid them, but it also provided a unique and enlightening insight into Mr Wilcox’s personal connection with the First World War. Interestingly, Mr Wilcox’s family connection with the war was only one generation away, his father and six brothers having experienced the trenches at first hand. He therefore offered his audience an almost direct narrative of the fighting. 

I know that many of those who heard the lecture were inspired by Mr Wilcox’s hands on approach to history and his in-depth knowledge of historical subjects which his numerous novels, such as Star Shine, offer. Mr Wilcox’s tales of the publishing and writing world also helped to strengthen our enthusiasm for a potential career path in this area. 


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