Tamzin Mason - Housemistress

Tamzin Mason has been the housemistress of Hillcroft since 2009 having been assistant housemistress for five years.  She has a degree in drama, theatre and television, and teaches drama at the school. Tamzin has completed the professional development certificate in boarding education and is currently studying for an MA in Education.

Tamzin feels that the most rewarding part of her job is seeing the girls that she welcomes into the house turn into the happy, independent young adults that they are when they leave and knowing that she has helped to guide them along the way.

Tamzin lives in a house attached to Hillcroft with her partner, Mark. In her spare time she is very active, enjoying mountain bike riding and hiking. She has family close by and looks after her young nephew as often as she can. She makes the most of the holidays by travelling; particularly enjoying the warmth of Australia but also braving the colder climates of the UK in a tent. The change of scenery means she always returns to Hillcroft refreshed and invigorated.

Laura Duncan - Assistant Housemistress

Laura Duncan joined Hillcroft in 2015.  Originally from a small town in central Scotland, she completed a degree in biology at the University of Dundee in 2014 before moving to Bristol to undertake an MSc in Science Communication.

Throughout her studies, Laura worked as a swimming instructor and often returned to her school to assist with Duke of Edinburgh expeditions in the Highlands of Scotland.  She also spent four months working at a Girl Scout camp in rural Missouri as a watersports instructor, and a summer as a trainee expedition and science leader in colder Arctic Norway.
Laura finds all aspects of working with young people rewarding and has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the girls in Hillcroft House.  She is passionate about exploring the outdoors, and in her free time enjoys mountaineering, skiing, swimming and spending time with family, friends and boyfriend, Andy.