Welcome to our school

Welcome to St Swithun’s Junior School, a school in which every child is known, cherished and at the same time encouraged to be fearless. 

In September 2015 we opened the doors to our brand new junior school, which provides a simply spectacular and inspiring teaching and learning environment. It is an environment in which pupils and staff have warm, respectful relationships. The children enjoy going to school and the staff relish having the opportunity to share adventures, interests and laughter. 

While united in their enthusiasm and energy, the children are all individuals and we encourage them to sample a wide range of experiences so that they each develop individual passions. We look always to celebrate characteristics such as the ability to bounce back from disappointment, to show compassion for others, to rise to challenges and to keep a sense of perspective. We want your children to go home every evening with slightly grubby knees and tales of what they have done at school that day.

In this website we aim to give you a taste of the values we embrace and some of the finer details of life at St Swithun’s. Once you have finished reading, I would like to invite you to come and see first-hand how we put theory into practice.

Rebecca Lyons-Smith BSc, PGCE, MBA (UCL)


Do please contact Mrs Sara Mathieson, registrar, on 01962 835792 to make an appointment.


The Good Schools Guide states " Keen, cheery, sparky pupils who shout hello – they’re ready to answer back, but not rudely. "....it feels a very happy school, with the kids joking and teasing confidently with the adults and each other without overstepping the mark".