Gifts of shares

The donation of stocks or shares by an individual or company is one of the most tax efficient methods of supporting the Bramston Bursary Fund and St Swithun’s School. Making a gift of shares can bring double benefit of relief on income tax and savings on capital gains as well. Benefits accrue to individuals or a company disposing of shares in this way and relief must be claimed on self-assessment or corporate tax returns.

You can deduct the market value of shares or securities on the date of transfer plus the cost of disposing of the shares. The Bramston Bursary Fund / St Swithun’s School will receive the value of the shares on sale less any charges. 

What are qualifying shares and securities?

You can claim Income Tax relief on gifts (or sales below market value) to charity of:

  • Shares or securities which are listed on any recognised stock exchange. This includes London and Plus Listed in the UK and any recognised overseas stock exchange.
  • Shares or securities dealt in on any designated market in the UK. The only markets so designated currently are the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange and the PLUS-Quoted market of PLUS Markets.
  • Units in an Authorised Unit Trust (AUT).
  • Shares in a UK Open-Ended Investment Company (OEIC).
  • Holdings in certain foreign collective investment schemes – generally schemes set up outside the UK that are similar to AUTs and OEICs.
  • A qualifying interest in land in the UK

If you wish to donate land, buildings, stocks or shares to St Swithun’s School please contact the Development Office ( for an outline of the procedure(s). It is also recommended you consult your financial advisor/accountant and/or go to the HM Revenue and Customs website (