German symposium at Winchester College

5 upper and 6 lower sixth students of German were invited to join sixth form Germanists at Winchester College for the annual German symposium. On the menu this year was the play-reading of Bertolt Brecht’s Das Leben des Galilei (Life of Galilieo).

Swapping roles after each scene certainly kept all students on their toes and not only tested their reading and pronunciation skills but also challenged their voices. After lunch the students were split into mixed groups, working on different aspects of the play, focusing on staging/directing ideas, historical/political background, interpretations of the main character and Brecht’s new form of epic theatre. The plenary session was lively and thought-provoking. All agreed that the day had been a huge success. We look forward to meeting the Winchester Germanists back here at St Swithun’s next term for a German film evening.

U6 German students

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