GCSE choices

GCSE option choices 2018

At St Swithun’s School all girls take 9 or 10 subjects at (I)GCSE level. There are three compulsory subjects: English language, English literature and mathematics. In addition, girls choose six or seven subjects from the following options:

art and design, biology, chemistry, Classical civilisation, design and technology, drama, food preparation and nutrition, French, geography, German, Greek, history, Latin, music, physics, religious studies, science (double award) and Spanish.

These option choices are subject to the following conditions and advice:

1.    At least two subjects must be sciences. This gives rise to two possibilities:

(i).    Girls may study two or three separate science subjects: biology and/or chemistry and/or physics. This allows for further study of those two (or all three) science subjects at A level. Pupils should be aware, however, that the combination of biology and physics only will not lead to the study of biology at A level, which requires IGCSE chemistry to have been taken.

(ii).    Girls may prefer to continue to study all three sciences but not wish to use three of their option choices. For these pupils a double award science IGCSE is available. This counts as two IGCSEs and covers content from all three sciences, but in less depth in each of them than the separate science IGCSEs. Study of any science subject at A level after this course is not recommended, and we expect that girls contemplating study of a science subject(s) at A level will select two or more separate science IGCSEs (as above).

2.    At least one subject must be a modern foreign language: French and/or German and/or Spanish.

The French and German options are for girls who have been studying the languages for three years. Spanish is offered for those girls who have already begun their study of the language in L5 or who are new to the school in M5.

3.    We strongly advise the inclusion of at least one of the humanities or social sciences to keep the curriculum as broad and balanced as possible: Classical civilisation; history; geography; religious studies.

NOTE: It is essential that each girl’s chosen subjects provide her with a broad curriculum that has sufficient academic rigour. 

Please read our GCSE Curriculum booklet above for more detailed course information.

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