From the head of school

St Swithun’s is a place which fosters aspirations, both within academic boundaries and without. The league tables suffice to show the academic excellence its pupils achieve year in year out but it is the girls themselves who demonstrate the ardency to thrive outside of academic life too. This school is warm and welcoming, celebrating individuality and independence as well as community.

The teachers offer tremendous support and guidance as well as the freedom to allow you to express your own ideas and to discover particular areas of subjects that interest you. Support is an important word here, I believe, as it encompasses the nature of our community and our ethos. It means celebrating one another’s triumphs as well as caring for each other in more difficult times. And this is not just something felt from pupil to pupil but throughout the entirety of the school body.

This support and encouragement is vital in our development as young women. You are invited to develop in your own way and to feel confident in doing so. Each girl is, of course, going to have different interests and different potentials and I really believe that this is appreciated by the school.
To realise these potentials, there is a very wide range of activities on offer: from lacrosse club to ballroom dancing, from the orchestra to archery, each girl is sure to take interest somewhere and is encouraged to explore the variety on offer. Trying new things and being unafraid to fail are two characteristics that each girl will come to value in her time here.

I have loved my time at this school and I am currently making the most of my last year here. I know that when I leave, I will take my fondest memories from my time here and the people I met along the way. St Swithun’s has made me appreciate how important and fascinating academia can be as well as the equal importance of finding out who I want to be outside of school work.

Bella Monkcom

Head of School