Fingers on the science pulse

External agency Pulse came in to St Swithun’s to provide the U4 with a forensic science workshop.

During the morning session all pupils were engaged in practical, 'hands-on' CSI activities, which included learning about the processes and applications used at a crime scene such as fingerprinting using magnetic powder and black ink.  The girls also looked at footwear castings and footprints, in addition to looking at hair and fibres.  The last part of this session covered the collection and preservation of evidence at a crime scene and the importance of evidence retrieval in a court of law.

During the afternoon all girls donned a white SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer) suit, gloves, mask and overshoes and proceeded to apply their newly acquired skill-set to their group crime scenes before investigating and reporting their findings with the help of suspect profiles.


Here are some of the U4 comments about their day:

 “Acting out the part of a forensic scientist and working with my colleagues as a team to solve the crime – that was the best part“

“Please can we do this again?  The leader Jackie made the whole day so interesting. Dressing up and imagining that we were really at a crime scene looking at the forensic evidence was brilliant”

“It was great fun. I particularly liked taking my own fingerprints and then turning them into a key ring as a memento!”


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