Fearless Year 4 at Oakwood

Year 4 have just returned from a three day trip to Oakwood residential centre in Wokingham. They had a wonderful time working together on outdoor adventure activities.
Mr Marshall’s daily emails were a delight to read and helped to keep parents in touch with their daughters’ adventures. Here is a short extract to give you a flavour of the visit;

‘Day two. After a relatively quiet night... the girls were up early and raring to go for a jam packed day. The sun was shining and the girls made the most of fuelling up at breakfast for the challenges ahead. The girls were put into new groups and tackled three activities in the morning.
Climbing was the first activity which after yesterday's beginners’course was made uber tricky with boxing gloves and a blindfold. However this didn't stop the girls as they powered to the top,including some who had faced the wall with much fear on day 1 thanks in the main to their climbing partners on the adjoining wall who helped the less confident on their way up.

Challenge 2 was crate stacking, with pairs of children given 6 minutes to build their tower as high as possible. The record now stands at 11 crates high! Getting up is one thing but getting down is something completely different, but the girls managed it with some interesting dismounts (we have the photos!).

Challenge 3 was low ropes, which relied on the girls working together to pick up the 'fruit' from the 'custard swamp' as they moved around the course. The girls put in to practice the team work skills that had been introduced on day 1 and worked more closely to complete the tasks.
Lunch time gave the girls time to share their stories of daring deeds and custard sharks with each other before heading back out for part 2!’