Since 2006 the school has undertaken a major overseas expedition every other year for four weeks in the developing world. The focus of this has been personal development in a challenging environment, involvement in a major local community project and undertaking a major local conservation project, with an emphasis on helping to set up sustainable community-run projects.

Past expeditions have included Kenya, Tanzania and Malaysian Borneo. In the summer of 2012 twenty-seven students and three members of staff travelled to Uganda, and of particular excitement, a visit to our sister school, St Katherine's. In July 2015 a further expedition will be made to Uganda with girls having the opportunity of spending time at the Jane Goodall conservation centre, alongside some of their St Katherine's peer group.

Past community projects have included school construction projects in Africa and the building of a community centre and fresh-water gravity feed in Borneo. Conservation work has included planting sustainable fuel wood trees, regenerating an area of damaged rainforest, and digging a waterhole to encourage wildlife and income from tourism. Personal challenge has included climbs of Mt Kenya, Mt Meru and Mt Kinabalu. All students in the upper fifth and the lower sixth are given the opportunity to attend, and a major challenge is fundraising part of the cost of the expedition themselves. 

Borneo 2010