Making the most of each day

Click on image above or click here to download the weekend and co-curricular activities for summer term 2018

At St Swithun’s we are proud of our academic excellence but also believe in the concept of being ‘appropriately academic’ which means encouraging the girls to work hard in class but also then providing them with opportunities to do something else. The ‘something else’ is as important as academic lessons, and sometimes more so. We expect the girls to try new things, to make mistakes and learn from them, to develop commitment, perseverance, teamwork and organisational skills.

We accept that some girls will naturally want to take part in many activities and that others will need some gentle persuasion. We would be failing in our duty to the latter if we did not emphasise the importance of balancing academic work with other activities. After all, the girls will never again have so many opportunities to try such a wide range of activities.

Boarders are expected to sign up to a certain number of co-curricular activities that take place after school. (This number depends on which year group the girls are in but, generally speaking, the younger girls are expected to do more activities when their workload is lighter). Day girls are also welcome to sign up to these activities. Girls commit to an after-school activity for one term and the sign-up process happens at the beginning of each term. Form tutors help with this process to ensure that the girls have a good balance of co-curricular activities and that they honour any priority sport, music or drama activities for which they are required.

Girls enjoy an extensive co-curricular programme including activities as diverse as street dancing, golf, cookery, judo, photography, debating, fencing, art, cross-country running, textiles, dressmaking and home furnishing, touch rugby, pottery, philosophy, public speaking, exploring nature, technology, gardening, self-protection and ballroom dancing.

These, together with participation in musical ensembles, rehearsals for dramatic productions and individual lessons for instruments and communication and performance, give every girl the opportunity to try something new or develop existing interests.  We create an environment which encourages all girls to opt in.