Art and technology


Our art programme forms an integral part of the regular curriculum. Lessons take place in the modern art and design technology room where the children have access to a range of materials and equipment. We strive to create a learning environment which engages, inspires and challenges children of all abilities. In order to achieve this, we feel it is important for the children to have time to experiment with a range of techniques and processes to help them to develop their confidence.

Art projects throughout the school provide the children with opportunities to use a variety of different media and gain experience working in both two and three dimensional form. Alongside this, the children explore the work of artists and craftspeople from the past and present to inform their creative thinking.

It is important to us that the children recognise that their artistic achievements are valued so we ensure that their creations are regularly displayed around the school building to enable them to be celebrated.

Design technology

Design and technology centres around turning design ideas into actual physical products. Topics in key stage one are aimed at providing the children with opportunities to explore and investigate different techniques and processes to enable them to develop their practical skills. In key stage two, the children are encouraged to apply their skills to more openended projects enabling them to work with greater independence on their design ideas.

The design and technology programme covers a broad range of topics and includes food technology, textiles and woodwork. The children gain experience of working with a variety of materials and tools as they progress through the school. In year 5, the children use the facilities in the senior school technology department where they have the opportunity to use a range of equipment to construct moving toys.

We believe it is important to make lessons enjoyable and accessible to children of all abilities. Through exploration and investigation of the design and making processes, we aim to equip the children with the skills to be able to develop their creative ideas into quality products of which they can be proud.