Celebrating inspiration and creativity

We are all infinitely creative and this wonderful potential, with its relevance to everyday life, is identified and nurtured by both the art and the design & technology departments.  Anyone walking into the purpose-built centre which houses both departments enters a world of inspiration and industry. Within fully-equipped suites of specialist rooms lessons and fun-based clubs enable girls not only to explore their creativity and self-expression but also to develop a wide range of practical skills.

The facilities, teaching expertise and enthusiastic support remain a popular attraction for all girls whether they go on to take exams, attend one of the many thriving clubs or simply pursue their own ideas. Regular art exhibitions are held to showcase girls’ individual work and the department also exhibits the work of local artists and former pupils to create a stimulating and vibrant atmosphere.

In technology, girls are given the opportunity to enter local and national design and engineering
competitions and many win prizes for innovative ideas and products. Each year a number of girls compete in the national Greenpower electric car racing challenge, which involves designing, constructing and racing a battery-powered vehicle around motor-racing circuits.