Vision and aims

The junior school vision is of a school, which is co-ed in pre-prep and single sex from year 3 onward, in which every child is known, cherished and at the same time encouraged to be fearless in an inspiring teaching and learning environment. It is an environment in which pupils and staff have warm, respectful relationships. The children enjoy going to school and the staff relish having the opportunity to share adventures, interests and laughter.


  • To have a happy school with fearless, smiling, confident and articulate children
  • To meet the intellectual, physical and emotional needs of each individual child by offering a broad, inspiring curriculum
  • To foster resilience, motivation and self-worth
  •  To create an environment where children are valued as individuals and challenged to achieve academic excellence
  • To provide a safe, nurturing environment that enables a spirit of compassion and mutual respect
  •  To promote an enduring love of learning

Amelia, a 2016 leaver:  "I have loved my time here and will never forget it. I've had my ups and downs but have loved every second. I will miss being here"