Dinosaur dating

Georgina Hoyle L4 writes: In early November, L4 went to the Natural History Museum in Oxford where we learnt all about dinosaurs.

The first of the four activities we enjoyed was the ‘Dinosaur dance floor’ where we made copies of real fossils to bring home. We then researched answers to questions about fossil dinosaur skeletons on ‘The dinosaur trail’. This gave us an opportunity to look around the museum in small groups and also to visit the shop. 

After lunch we went ‘fossil hunting’ where we handled dinosaur bones and searched for microscopic fossils on crushed rock from the Jurassic coast in Dorset. Some of us found unidentified objects which turned out to be fossilised foraminifera that were millions of years old. By dating rocks in this way, it is possible to date the bones of dinosaurs found in them. Finally we built a dinosaur from a bag of bones to learn how difficult it is to re-construct skeletons. Unfortunately they were just made of paper!

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