Digital Learning

At St Swithun’s, we believe in preparing our girls to thrive in the wider world beyond school. With technology advancing at an astonishing rate and universities and businesses demanding ever-improving digital literacy skills, we are ensuring that digital learning is at the very heart of school life by exploring how technology might enrich and enhance the learning experience for all girls, while enabling teachers to work with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

St Swithun’s has an outstanding reputation for both academic achievement and individual development, with our girls leaving school equipped with the confidence and courage they need to face the challenges that lay ahead. While the use of ICT has always been integral to this, the appointment of a digital learning coordinator in September 2016 has seen an increased emphasis being placed on the role that technology can play in teaching, learning and administration. We are seeking to both integrate and innovate, ensuring that we make discerning use of ICT while keeping abreast of the latest developments and opportunities.

To support this goal, a team of digital leaders spanning all year groups provides an invaluable pupil voice and practical guidance for both staff and students. Online training videos and practical workshops help to equip staff with the confidence they need to make the most of the technology that is currently available, while preparing for the potential of future investment. By working together, staff and students are becoming intuitive digital learners, embracing cutting-edge technology so that a St Swithun’s education is as comprehensive, challenging and creative as possible.

Below are some screenshots of English, mathematics and technology lessons illustrating the use of digital learning