Our day girls

Unlike a number of boarding schools, we do not expect our day girls to do their homework at school although they may of course do this if they so wish.  We recognise that girls may be day girls precisely because they have sporting or musical commitments outside school which necessitate them leaving promptly at the end of the day.  However, we would encourage all of our day girls to take part in the wide range of activities on offer at school.  Girls will never again have so many activities so easily available to them and not taking advantage of them, is, we believe, missing the point of a school like St Swithun’s.

There are separate day houses: Venta, Davies, Caer Gwent and Mowbray up to lower-sixth girls and Finlay is for both upper-sixth boarders and day girls.  We recognise that day girls and boarders have slightly different needs, hence the separate houses, but our aim is to integrate them so that neither group is privileged over the other.  We value all those who make up our school community and celebrate its richness and diversity.