Conditions of hire

This agreement applies to any and all areas of the school that are available for hire unless a separate formal contract is in place.


A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the venue charge is required with the return of the booking form. For bookings lasting more than one day, a second non-refundable deposit of 50% of the venue charge is required three weeks prior to the event. Following the event you will be sent an invoice with a breakdown of costs. This invoice will become payable within seven days of receipt. Please make cheques payable to St Swithun’s School Letting Company Limited.  


The school requires hirers to arrange appropriate indemnity cover to include public liability insurance with an extension to cover damage to leased and rented premises and to supply a copy of the policy details at least three weeks prior to the event. Any damage to school property or equipment will be deemed to be the responsibility of the hirer.  

Health and Safety

The responsibility for the health and safety of anyone using the school’s facilities lies with the hirer. The school requires a copy of the hirer’s risk assessment three weeks prior to the event. The hirer must adhere to the school’s health and safety risk assessment, a copy of which is attached to this agreement.

The hirer must provide a certificate of electrical safety for all electrical equipment not provided by St Swithun’s School. The school will require the hirer to sign an electrical certificate sheet for any hire requiring electrical equipment.


The current rate for the hire of Harvey Hall is £1537.50 plus VAT. Registered charities are offered a discount and the rate in this case is £1000.00 plus VAT. Charges for other rooms or facilities are available upon request. The charge for Harvey Hall includes the venue, standard technician time and existing seating and lighting. Additional charges may be incurred for sound and/or lighting equipment and additional technician time or labour. Charges quoted cover the hire period for the venue you have booked up to 11.00 pm unless otherwise agreed by prior arrangement. If you require access at times other than those stated on the booking form, or extend beyond 11.00 pm, an extra charge of £50.00 per hour (or part thereof) will be made for Harvey Hall.

Alcohol and Catering

As of 24 November 2005 the Licensing Act 2003 is in effect for Harvey Hall at St Swithun’s. This will mean hirers will no longer need to obtain a licence to serve alcohol. In line with this licensing, St. Swithun’s will now supply alcohol for an event or charge corkage on customer-supplied alcohol. As of February 2009 the school’s catering company will be the sole supplier for all catering for any event held in the school and the hirer will no longer be able to supply and offer food not prepared by the school’s catering company. Cost information to be supplied upon request.

Public Entertainment and Theatre Licensing Requirements

There are theatre and public entertainment licenses for Harvey Hall. As a requirement of these and in accordance with the health & safety policy of the school, there must be a minimum number of competent attendants who shall be specifically instructed by the licensee, or person nominated by him, in their duties in the event of fire. For up to 25 persons present, there must be a minimum of two attendants on duty, for up to 250 there must be four attendants, for 500, five attendants and for 750, six attendants. In addition, any person in a wheelchair must be accompanied by a carer who has been trained in the building evacuation and safety procedures. There are additional requirements for entertainment specifically for children, including seven days’ notice, in writing, being given to the local council.

The Performing Right Society

Before any performance of copyright musical works can be given in public, those responsible for the event are required to obtain the permission of the owner of the copyright of the works concerned. As St. Swithun’s School has a licence, the administration to satisfy this requirement is simplified for the hirer. In order for the appropriate fee to be assessed (the cost of this is born by the school) the title, composer, and publisher of the musical work must be reported to St. Swithun’s prior to the event. The box office receipts (net of VAT) must also be declared and a programme of the event given to the school.


In accordance with the requirements of the licensing authority a notice shall be printed for the information of the audience on the programme of every dramatic performance in the following terms:

  • the audience may leave at the end of the performance by all exit doors;
  • all gangways, corridors, staircases and passageways which afford a means of exit shall be kept entirely free from obstruction;
  • persons shall not be permitted to stand or sit in any of the gangways.

Parking Restrictions

All routes around the school must remain unobstructed as it is vital to keep fire and emergency access clear. It is essential that the hirer provide parking stewards when hiring Harvey Hall. Additional parking may be available on the grass (weather permitting).


St Swithun’s School is a non-smoking site and smoking is not permitted within any of the school’s buildings.


Please contact St Swithun’s School bursary department immediately by telephone (01962 835710) if you need to cancel a booking. All cancellations must then be confirmed in writing. You will be held liable for any of the school’s out-of-pocket expenses in addition to the loss of the booking deposit.

The Premises

Hirers are expected to leave premises as they found them. If premises are left in an unacceptable condition a further charge for necessary cleaning will be raised and the hirer will be expected to meet these additional costs in full.

Child Protection Statement

St Swithun's is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. As such, any organisation using any school facility must ensure that if children are involved in any part of the event, then the organisation concerned must put into place appropriate child protection measures.