Chinese New Year celebrations

During the week before the half term holiday the juniors were learning about the celebration of Chinese New Year and about China.

In Nursery we have leant about how families prepare and then celebrate this festival. We have loved the opportunity to dress up in Chinese costumes and cook in our role play Chinese restaurant using a wok and eating with chopsticks.In Hazel class we have learnt about how each New Year is given the name of an animal from the Chinese fable called the animal race. This year is the year of the monkey. In Beech class we have learnt about China and written our own non fiction books with some key facts about China.

On Thursday Reception and Nursery enjoyed a special Chinese food tasting session. Children happily tried new foods such as Chinese noodles, special Chinese rice, vegetable spring rolls and prawn crackers. In the afternoon some Nursery and Reception children also cooked special
Chinese moon cakes for all their class mates to eat at snack time the following day.

Finally, on Friday morning Nursery and Reception put on a special presentation for their parents in which Nursery performed a dragon dance using a huge Chinese dragon that they had made in class. Hazel performed the animal race story and Beech talked about their books about China which they had written during the week. All the children sang special Chinese New Year songs.