Bronze at Greenpower heats

Amy Dennison U4 and Mrs Mitchener, head of technology write: Last Sunday the Greenpower team travelled to Goodwood motor circuit for the annual Goodwood heats. 

Modifications made to the car were tested at Goodwood in March but this was our first proper race with the modified design. It was also the first time that we had experienced the new 1 ½ hour race format with no battery changing. The team worked really well together and the fastest lap times to date were achieved by Lydia Robinson in race 1 (4 minutes 52 seconds) and Amy Dennison in race 2 (4 minutes 53 seconds). 

Driver of the race went to Lydia Robinson with a special mention to Georgina Penfold who was outstanding as pit crew captain. The drivers in the first race, Lydia Robinson, Amy Dennison andMaggie Chen finished 3rd out of 45 teams. The drivers in the second race, Amy Dennison, Izzy Poultney and Jocelyn Ramm, finished 10th. Overall, the team delivered a high quality performance and gained a bronze award and medals. A huge thank you to the ‘Greenpower dads’ for all of their support and advice.