Bedroom Farce

Olivia Williams L6 writes: A group of L6 students wanted to stage a production in Harvey Hall in collaboration with fellow sixth-formers from Winchester College. We chose Alan Ayckbourn’s Bedroom Farce. As the name of the play suggests, it is all about the inner workings of four married couples, each trying to attain some kind of harmony in their relationships.

I had the privilege of co-directing the play with Hope Francis L6, and between the pair of us we have stumbled rather blindly to the end of our first ever play with so many new experiences shared, both together and with the eight-strong cast and backstage crew.

Earnest and Delia, or ‘Dearnest’ as they came to be known, played by Jack and Eliza Bacon L6, made for a perfect retired couple who successfully amused the audience with their ‘bedroom banter’. Credit also goes to Alex from Winchester College who had to spend most of the hour and forty-five minute performance in a rather awkward position on the floor.

Like all great plays there were the ups and downs to get to first night but sitting in the audience made me so proud to have carried through our vision and see it so well conveyed by our friends on stage.

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