1884 Society

Over the years, St Swithun’s has benefited from bequests made by supporters of the school. We honour those who have helped in the past and, in recognition of those in the present who have pledged money to St Swithun’s, the 1884 Society was established. We are enormously grateful to Old Girls and friends of St Swithun’s who might consider supporting the Bramston Bursary Fund by making a bequest to the school. While we will respect the wishes of those who want their plans to remain confidential, in other cases we would like to acknowledge donors’ generosity.

One legacy of particular note is that of Margaret Gadd. Miss Gadd joined St Swithun’s in 1925 and left in December 1932. She went on to enjoy a highly successful career and even though her work included a great deal of overseas travel, she regularly attended Old Girls’ reunions and the school always held a special place in her heart. 

Miss Gadd died aged 94 on February 7th 2009 and shortly afterward, a close friend of hers wrote to the school: “Over the years Margaret and I chatted about all manner of things and it was remarkable how often St Swithun’s came into conversation. She talked with enthusiasm and affection about the pupils, the teachers and the place. She enjoyed those memories and knew that the school had played an important and positive role in laying the foundations of her successful life. She was proud of the school and, certainly, the school can be proud of her.”

Miss Gadd left St Swithun’s a wonderful legacy for the provision of bursaries in recognition of the start in life that the school had given her. 

A legacy pledge form can be downloaded here and a codicil form here. Please contact Emma Boryer in the development office (development@stswithuns.com) if you require any further information about making a bequest to the school.